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Make That 21

A couple of days ago, Kate Nash noted that 15-20 people are interested in the Lt. Governor job, once Diane Denish vacates to take over as Governor – a position she has filled for a very large part of these past two years while our current Governor has been out exploring various job opportunities:

However, Denish gave no hints as to whether she had a favorite, saying simply in an interview that she is “going to appoint that person when there’s a vacancy in that office.”

You’ve probably heard the same names I have: Lawrence Rael, Hector Balderas, Lucky Varela, John Garcia, Joe Maestas, Dan Lopez. A new one I heard the other day is Pojoaque Gov. George Rivera, and then came Stuwart Paisano’s name as another possibility.

But it seems there are others, according to Denish’s numbers. Any women contenders? Anyone we never heard of? Send me your nominations now. . .

Ok, I don’t know about any female contenders, but a quick review of this list makes it clear to me that it is in desperate need of a Republican. Now, I’ve got quite a few other pans in the fire right now. However, I am willing to put them on hold and accept the nod as Lt. Governor.

Now, I know it’s a tough job that will require all of my attention. After all, the day to day responsibilities include…. um, consist of…. uh, well, let’s just call it a tough job and leave it at that.

I’m up to the task and am willing to serve. Now, I haven’t I had a chance to talk to Lt. Governor Denish about me filling the position, but I’m sure once she reads this post, she will quickly see that I am the only qualified Republican on the final list of contenders. As such, if our soon to Governor opts not select me, then we’ll all know that it partisan politics as usual at play.

Happy New Year!