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Maybe an Educator Would Like to Chime In

My kids are getting a public education. So, I should get behind anything that brings more money into the schools, right? Wrong. More money does not equal a better education. Case in point:

Since the 2000-01 school year, public education funding in New Mexico to this year has increased by $949 million, or 57 percent, according to the Department of Finance and Administration. During that same period, enrollment has remained relatively flat, growing about 1 percent to nearly 324,000, according to the state Public Education Department.

Yet, despite the facts above “education advocates” would like to sue the state under the premise that they aren’t being sufficiently funded. Am I missing something here? There has been a 57% increase in funding. I can’t seem to find the report that indicates that indicates there has been a 57% increase in student performance. Oh right, it’s because it doesn’t exist.