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Maybe Its Not Such a Pretty Picture

Within minutes – literally minutes – of the completion of the debate at Congregation Albert between Congresswoman Heather Wilson and Attorney General Patricia, Madrid supporters were handing out press releases declaring Patsy the winner.

Ok, I guess that’s just politics.

However, what I don’t understand is that if they are so confident that she was the clear victor, why haven’t they provided their supporters with a link to the video of the debate? They have no problem telling them about the radio broadcast, but they don’t seem to want anyone to see the actual video footage. Madrid friendly sites print excerpts of her closing statements, but don’t provide a link to the video footage.

I mean, this was a clear Madrid victory, right?

But Madrid’s camp claimed victory, and spokeswoman Heather Brewer welcomed Burgos’ posting because she said it makes Wilson look bad and highlights her unpopular positions on the war in Iraq and energy prices. “Why would he want to put that up there?” Brewer said.

So, what’s the harm in watching a bootleg video? You’d think Patsy fans all over the state would be having streaming parties, so they could watch Patricia Madrid in all her glory cutting Heather Wilson down to size.

Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe they just didn’t want to link to me – no sense in helping promote the right wing propaganda machine, right? Of course, that leaves you wondering why they didn’t just link straight to the Google Video site? Maybe they just couldn’t figure out the link. So, let me give it to them:≺=goog-sl&hl;=en

Now, if they still don’t link to it, I guess we can only conclude that the “Madrid Victory” isn’t quite the pretty picture they’re all trying to paint it to be.