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Miscellaneous Media

This Saturday at 1:00, you can catch me on Rep. Greg Payne’s radio show on 770 KKOB. We’ll spend about 45 minutes discussing political blogging. We’ll review who is doing it and who isn’t. What impact it is having in New Mexico and across the nation. Plus, I’m sure we’ll cover some of my favorite blog topics such as the Governor Richardson’s occasional visits to New Mexico, the ongoing attempts to avoid accountability in public education, and out of control spending.

As long I am on the subject of media, I’ve been meaning to put in my two cents about the Journal’s newest attempt at blogging. It’s weak, very weak. They really should take a clue from the Santa Fe New Mexican. The New Mexican has embraced blogging by allowing and encouraging public comments at the end of all online articles. Plus, they and other publications like New Mexico Magazine have gone out of their way to embrace the blogging community by providing an ever growing directory of bloggers.

To date, the Albuquerque Journal has avoided listing (or crediting) bloggers like the plague. Me thinks, Goliath is feeling a little threatened by David.