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Moving to the Left

I’ve got admit. I’m at a loss as to what exactly this recent statement by our soon to be Governor could mean (subscription):

Speaking at Albuquerque Interfaith’s 15th anniversary celebration, Denish said government will need advocacy groups like Interfaith to help retool an ailing state and national economy.

“For so long, we thought business made the sole determination about who gets the jobs, but what you and I know is that the community helps to make those decisions, by working together and by organizing,” she told about 150 people at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

Albuquerque Interfaith is a nonpartisan community organization that includes 31 member congregations, unions, public schools and nonprofits. The organization advocates, among its economic stimulus proposals, workforce training programs and services for trainees that include child care, counseling and transportation.

Ok, now this is a scary thought… businesses will not get to make the decisions about whom they hire to fill jobs. Am I reading this wrong? The left has historically tried to make community synonymous with government (think: “it takes a village”). Does Lt. Governor Denish envision a future where the government dictates who has what job? I sure hope not. I believe that experiment already failed.

I looked for a website for Albuquerque Interfiath, but it ididn’t come up in the first few Google returns. However, this did.