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My Anonymous Friend

I’ve heard from quite a few of you who have found the comments of Anonymous, well, amusing to say the least. I’ve not responded to Anonymous because, among other reasons, I was curious to see where the comments would go without a response.

The first time this particular Anonymous commenter appeared (IP address:, it was with this comment:

We thought you had disappeared like the RPNM staffers! It’s good to see that Allen Weh and Mickey Barnett are letting you out of your cage again!

Then true to form, Anonymous put up three more comments in the span of just a couple of hours – none of which were flattering. But hey, not everyone is going to love me, right?

Now, are you ready for the odd part? What did I do that spurned the wrath of this Anonymous poster on that cold day in January? Well, I wrote that Governor Bill Richardson’s presidential announcement really didn’t have much splash in the Northeast. Not the type of thing you would think would offend a Republican Party activist, but it sure did get Anonymous’ britches all in a bunch.

I have to admit, at the time, I didn’t give it much thought. What can I say? After receiving over 1,200 comments on this blog since it’s inception, I’ve learned that you just don’t put too much stock into the “anonymous” comments. After all, I’ve hurled “stones” of criticism with the best of them, but I’ve never done it hiding behind a veil of anonymity. I back my convictions with my own John Hancock and let the pieces fall where they may. It’s the way I was brought up. You stand up for what you believe in, and take your punches, and then come back for more.

Anonymous did come back to give me more. With these two comments:

Mario- Glad to see you are addressing the pressing issues of the day. If only you could convince your drunken counterpart over at wednesdaymorningqb to do the same! I don’t know if you read her blog very often, but I have seen you quote her here on occasion. That girl has gone bat sh*t [“i” removed] crazy!
02.08.07 – 10:20 am

Mario: You want Richardson to disclose his donors and various contractual obligations. In the spirit of fairness and openness, would you please disclose your list of clients? Thanks!
02.08.07 – 2:23 pm

What set Anonymous into personal attack mode once again? You got it. It was another post about Governor Bill Richardson. This time the post was about the Governor’s questionable ethics in sending out a campaign fundraising letter during a prohibited time. Something that the Attorney General decided was not illegal; however, we all know, that what is legal and what is ethical are not always one in the same.

Ok, so now I have Anonymous pegged as a Richardson supporter. It makes sense that Anonymous is not going to be my biggest fan – most Richardson supporters aren’t. I haven’t exactly been active in the Governor’s Booster Club. Instead, I spend most of my time with the Emperor Has No Clothes crowd.

But this is where it gets weird….

On February 16, 2007, I announce in a post that I’m running for Chairman of the Bernalillo County GOP and Anonymous goes completely bananas. We’re talking mad as a hatter, nutty as a fruitcake, completely off the deep end bonkers. Personally, I can’t think of a better endorsement of my candidacy than for someone, who has at least twice come to the defense of Bill Richardson, become completely unhinged at the thought of me leading the Bernalillo County GOP.

So, I’ve let Anonymous just continue jabbing. Every time Anonymous posts, another person shoots me an email, or calls me to let me know that I’ve got their vote. Anonymous has been so effective in rallying support for me that even Nelson Spear, who now lives in Texas, has called me up to offer words of encouragement and lend his support.

Anonymous, I can’t thank you enough for all the help with my campaign. But, I can repay you by answering a few questions that just seem to be keeping you up at night. First, let me put to rest the question of whether or not I am, or have ever been, on “the payroll” of Mickey Barnett.

I’m not, and I’ve never been.

I have on this blog previously addressed my relationship with Mickey Barnett. The guy gave me $200 when I ran for office in 2004 – less than 1% of my total contributions. Very generous, and very much appreciated, but I don’t see how anyone could consider that putting me on Mr. Barnett’s payroll. I’m the sole financial provider for my family and $200 just doesn’t make ends meet.

Nor does Mr. Barnett get the credit for the accomplishments or failures I’ve experienced in my life thus far. That responsibility lies squarely on my shoulders. I’ve heard a lot of speculation in my years of involvement with the Party of the power that Mr. Barnett yields, but let’s face it, if he was a force to be reckoned with, he’d still be Republican National Committeeman.

As far as my client list is concerned, that is not something I will ever put on this blog. Why? Well, for a variety of reasons. But most importantly, my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of my clients, so they should not be brought into this aspect of my life. With that said, I’ve not had a problem answering a similar question on this blog before, albeit more politely asked, and you can read it here. I take pride in the fact that starting from nothing, I’ve worked with others to build one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in the state. I’m living the American Dream.

As to my ability to appeal to “life-long” New Mexicans, well, I’m married to one, so let me go ask….

Ok, I’m back. According to her, I’m still very appealing. Mind you, we’re going on 12 years of being happily marriage, so this is no simple feat. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do just fine in the “life-long” New Mexican category.

The question about prejudices between Latinos and Mexican-American groups does shed some light on Anonymous. Now besides knowing that Anonymous feels the need to rise to the defense of Bill Richardson, we also know that Anonymous is not Hispanic. In 2004, we did not not have Mexican-Americans for Bush and Latinos for Bush. We had Viva Bush. Americans with Hispanic heritages and Republican ideals. Only those with deep rooted prejudices have a hard time understanding how people with different backgrounds can unite for a common good.

As to why I would make a good County Chairman, I’m afraid you’re going to have read the letter coming in the mail, or tune in to the blog next week.