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New Legal Industry Niche Grows

In Monday’s post, I noted that a new industry would result while the State tried to hold onto their unconstitutionally imposed property produced lightning tax revenue, and sure enough the lawsuits have started:

The owners of about 30 homes sued the Bernalillo County assessor on Tuesday to recover more than $42,000 in overpaid property taxes — the latest twist in the debate over “tax lightning.”

The plaintiffs, 50 in all, argue they paid too much in taxes because of the state’s unconstitutional property tax law, which two state district judges have already ruled against.

More litigation could be on the way. Clinton Marrs, the plaintiffs’ attorney, said he is working on another suit that would involve about 100 homes.

“This is just the first wave,” Marrs said of Tuesday’s suit.

So, let’s consider this for a moment. Bernalillo County Assessor Karen Montoya indicated that tens of thousands of taxpayers have been unjustly impacted by tax lightning. With just 30 homes suing, the remuneration potentially owed is $42,000. Imagine what it will be when everyone starts suing.

Did I mention that the biggest jump in keyword activity on this site in the last two days came as a result of words associated with tax lightning? Hmm, I’ve never sold ads on this website, but considering the size of this market, maybe I should make an exception this once and sell a top and side banner ad to a legal firm for the month of December and January at $2500 a pop? After all, tis the season to need a little extra spending money.

Any takers?