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New Mexico Finance Authority

Let’s assume that Governor Richardson is not indicted by the grand jury over the CDR pay to play scandal. Assuming that’s the case, his confirmation by the Senate will still go through, and he’ll be departing the Land of Enchantment for the Beltway.

However, we still have a problem. The New Mexico Finance Authority Board contains no less than four cabinet secretaries as well as the State Investment Officer:

Ron Curry


Environment Department

Katherine Miller


Department of Finance & Administration

Fred Mondragon

Economic Development Department

Joanna Prukop, Board Secretary


Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources

Gary Bland

State Investment Officer
State Investment Council

So, even if you were to believe that it was just a bizarre coincidence that a company would be awarded with a $1.5 million fee after making two large contributions to the Governor, the fact remains that no one can find the contract, and those cabinet secretaries who are supposed to be looking out for us were at the very least negligent in their duties.

Which raises the questions, if the Governor leaves, and Lt. Governor Denish takes over, will she immediately remove all of those listed above from their positions?