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NM Senate Proving Camera Shy

Yesterday afternoon I thought enough of the Senate Democrats call for full transparency in the confirmation process of gubernatorial appointees to do a rare midday post. I went so far as to title the post, What’s the Governor Trying to Hide? Unfortunately, it looks like this is a case of what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander:

I just saw a Capitol maintainance worker taking down the cameras in the Senate gallery that had been purchased and installed for the purpose of webcasting state Senate floor sessions.

Last month I reported that the state Senate leadership had decided not to start webcasting this year despite the fact that the full Senate last year voted overwhelmingly to Webcast and had already spent $30,000 to buy and install cameras for that purpose.

With new instances of scandal breaking daily, you’d think everyone in government right now would be working overtime to make the process as transparent as possible – not the either way around.