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No-Knock Ordinance

Criminals commit crimes. Now the City of Albuquerque has thought of a new way to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens (subscription) because of the actions of two criminals:

Lee and Rowley were each charged with two counts of murder in connection with the Dec. 4 killings of Tak Yi and Pung Yi at the couple’s home. They remain in the Metropolitan Detention Center in lieu of $2 million cash bond each.

Integrity Program did not obtain a permit, according to the lawsuit.

The city will seek monetary damages of an unspecified amount and an injunction prohibiting the firm from soliciting here.

“All we have to show is that (Integrity Program) violated our ordinance,” said Assistant City Attorney Greg Wheeler.

The proposed ordinance would allow residents to sign up for a city no-knock list, similar to the no-call list barring telephone solicitors. The city would also issue a “tasteful” sticker and yard sign homeowners could post indicating they are on the list.

“It would make it illegal to solicit a household with a no-knock sign posted,” Chav├ęz said.

The ban would not apply to political, religious and nonprofit solicitors, such as Girl Scouts, officials said.

This is just absurd. I wonder how many business leaders got their start knocking on doors to sell a product. As I recall, when I was about twelve or thirteen, I went door to door offering to mow my neighbors lawn for a couple of bucks a week.