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No Time for Ethics

It’s only a thirty day session, and there really isn’t any time (subscription) to deal with ethics:

Gov. Bill Richardson wants lawmakers to postpone work on broad ethics or lobbying reforms until next year and instead focus on anti-corruption proposals developed in the wake of a kickback scandal involving state treasurers.

Richardson’s comments came Wednesday after a Senate committee unanimously approved a bill to prohibit campaign contributions and most gifts to legislators and state elected officials – such as the governor and treasurer – from companies and individuals providing investment or financial services to the state.

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that at the same time legislator’s are pasing legislation that prohibits campaign gifts, they are simultanously passing legislation to increase their unconstitutional retirement bonuses? The Governor let legislators pad their pockets with retirement dollars in 2003, and it remains to be seen whether he’ll let them do it again.

Did I mention this is unconstitutional?