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Nonsensical Rate Increases

I frequently travel out of state on business. I’ve always liked how easy it is to get in and out of the Sunport. And as a small business owner, I’ve also appreciated how inexpensive parking can be.

Leave it to Mayor Martin Chavez to mess with that (subscription):

The city Aviation Department is seeking authorization to increase rates for short-term and long-term parking. City councilors are considering the proposal.

For short-term parking, the rate for 24 hours would go from $7 to $9. After 72 hours, the daily rate would go from $10 to $12.

The long-term rate for 24 hours would rise from $6 to $8. After 72 hours, the daily rate would go from $8 to $11.

Airport officials say the rate increase would bring Albuquerque more into line with other cities. “We have been looking at what is done at other airports our size, and we are far below what they charge for parking,” said spokesman Daniel Jiron.

Re-read that last paragraph. Mr. Jiron is not saying we need additional revenue to cover costs. Instead, he is saying that he just wants to bump up the costs because other municipalities charge more. Would somebody please explain to the goofballs what it means to have a competitive advantage?

This is at minimum a $1.7 million tax increase on anyone who flies. A completely unnecessary tax increase I might add. Worse yet, if the City raises the parking fees by the proposed 20-30%, then all of the private parking lots around the airport will raise their fees accordingly. This is a perfect example of government artificially driving up costs.

I hope our City councilors have more sense than the Mayor’s aviation staff.