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Note to Politicians: Let the Market Work

Someone needs to sit our politicians down and review the basics of economics in a capitalist democracy. We do not need new fuel economy standards, nor do we need price gouging laws. You see, there is this thing called supply and demand. When supply is limited and demand is great, prices are supposed to go up. If people feel they are being abused, then they will seek alternatives and the opportunistic companies that only look at the short term gain will go out of business.

Think about it, the corner gas station that charges an obscene price may get away with it during a crisis, but people don’t forget that behavior.

What is going on with gas prices is no different than what goes on at ballparks, movie theaters and countless other venues across America. Buy a hot dog and a drink at a sporting event and it is going to cost you significantly more than the same fare anywhere else. Are you being gouged? No, you’re being charged what you are willing to pay. If they charge too much, what happens? You start eating before you go to the game, or you stop going to the game altogether.

If you are a “progressive” or “green” complaining about gas prices, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Instead of whining, you should hope that gas prices top $100 dollars a gallon. When this happens, people start considering the market alternatives, and clean energy solutions don’t look so cost prohibitive. For those slow-down-the-growth folks, nothing halts rapid expansion like increasing costs. So, what the heck are you complaining about?

Don’t even think about telling me that gas, or milk, or eggs or electricity is a “need.” They are not. They are “wants,” and there is nothing wrong with a business charging people for things that they want. If you don’t want to pay high prices for gas, try biking or walking.