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Observations from the Debate

Yesterday, the Albuquerque Journal ran an article (subscription) that showed only a minority of New Mexicans believe Patricia Madrid to be honest. Madrid supporters might attempt to explain that away as an unfortunate side effect of “negative” campaigning. However, watching Madrid during the debate last night from the studio audience, it was clear that she was struggling to keep her lies straight.

Although well-rehearsed and well-scripted, Madrid struggled to answer many a simple question. For example, Heather asked the Attorney General why the people at Kirtland whose livelihood depends on defense spending should vote for her? Madrid’s response began:

As Attorney General, I have stood up for this state and I have been the most activist Attorney General in the history of this state.

Ok, is it just me, or is that a total non-sequitur? Boy, am I glad my ability to earn a living doesn’t depend on defense spending, or does it? What would happen if tomorrow we pulled an $11 billion economic plug in New Mexico?

Just a friendly reminder. So far during this campaign, Patricia Madrid’s economic policy has consisted of reducing defense spending and attacking the oil and gas industry.

Ok, so that was the first blow. Then Heather Wilson delivered the second of what was to become a three blow knockout by asking:

Can you cite something in your long career in public service that will give people of New Mexico some assurance that you will prevent a tax increase?

Madrid’s response… a very awkward six seconds of silence. Seriously, six seconds. Madrid just couldn’t bring herself to look at the camera and say, “I will prevent a tax increase.” She was obviously lost.

She started to respond, and then fumbled again for another couple of seconds of awkward silence. Finally, she went on to provide some misinformation about tax relief for the wealthiest one percent. How do I know it’s misinformation? Simple. I’m not among the wealthiest one percent. However, I no longer have to endure a marriage penalty on my tax return, and I enjoy the extra child credits. Yet, Patricia Madrid made it clear last night that she would allow my middle class tax relief to sunset.

In boxing a technical knockout (TKO) is when the fighter gets knocked to the mat three times. Last night in the last fifteen minutes of the debate, this is precisely what happened to Patricia Madrid. The third blow was a whopper, but first a little sidenote.

About three and a half years ago, I was the president of a not-for-profit here in New Mexico. I had never made a personal contribution to Congresswoman Heather Wilson, nor had I ever worked on her campaign, and our organization didn’t have a lobbyist. Yet, when I wanted to talk to Heather Wilson, I called her office and got an appointment. When I wanted her to attend one of our organization’s luncheons, I called Heather’s office and she worked it into her schedule.

I’ve never found Heather Wilson to be anything but available and approachable. It’s the reason I’m supporting her re-election campaign.

Now back to that final blow.

During tonight’s debate Patricia Madrid gave us a peek at what constituent services for the 1st Congressional District would look like if we were to elect her to be our Representative. In no uncertain terms, Madrid stated that she has a “pay at door” policy.

Haven’t we had enough of pay to play politics both in New Mexico and nationally?