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Off to a Great Start

Sometimes you read something, and you can’t help but shake your head in amazement (subscription):

During the first meeting of Albuquerque’s new City Council on Monday, four members refused to attend because of a squabble over who should be president.

Don Harris, Sally Mayer, Ken Sanchez and new Councilor Trudy Jones boycotted the meeting. They met at Capo’s restaurant, about three blocks away, and held a news conference later at City Hall.

In their absence, the council elected Brad Winter to serve as president for the next year.

Hmm, last I checked a Council is supposed to be a deliberative legislative body. Usually, deliberation requires people to be in the room. If the liberals on the Council are able to make the others run off and lick their wounds so easily, we are in for a LONG year. I’m agreeing with the Eye on this one.