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Parents Are Responsible for Kids

I just read this article, and was particularly struck by the following exchange:

“It goes back to ‘Do you know where your kids are and who they’re with?’ ” said Hanover parent Mike Delaney, 53, a father of eight.

June Shire of Plympton, co-founder of the Plymouth County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said the blame falls squarely on parents.

“The pendulum has got to start to swing and back to where the parents are parents,” Shire said.

But others disagreed.

“You only have so much control of your children. You can’t watch them all the time,” said Steffen Hill, 31, of Abington.

Hill, who is not a parent, said authorities should focus more on penalizing the youths and not parents.

With an attitude like that, one can only hope that Mr. Hill never becomes a parent.