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Playing Cat and Mouse

Rahm Emanuel, the leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was in Albuquerque yesterday playing cat and mouse with the press. He was here to give Attorney General Patricia Madrid some campaign advice, but he wanted to avoid being asked any direct questions from the press.


It’s simple. He’s got something to hide when it comes to the page scandal. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean.


George Stephanopoulos, a fellow Democrat, lobs a soft ball question to help Mr. Emanuel get off the hot seat. The question Mr. Stephanopoulos asked:

“I just want to ask you plainly. Did you or your staff know anything about these emails or instant messages before they came out?”

Mr. Emanuel refused to answer plainly.

Instead Mr. Emanuel went on and on about “not seeing” any emails. Despite repeated opportunities during the segment to say, “I did not know anything.” He kept repeating, “I didn’t see anything.” Sounds like Mr. Emanuel has been advised by legal counsel – maybe even Patricia Madrid provided the advice. Can’t you picture Madrid saying, “Hey, just say you never saw anything in writing.”