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Please, Define Accountability

I’m sure it was just an oversight, but I wasn’t invited to Governor Richardson’s inaugural festivities. Instead, I just had to read the speech online.

And what a speech it was. This highlighted portion from the Governor’s press release is by far my favorite:

“Four years ago today, we demonstrated our commitment to education with a 6% increase in teacher salaries – tied to accountability measures,” said Governor Richardson. “Those increases took us from 48th to 39th in the nation in teacher pay, dramatically boosted teacher quality, and improved education in the classroom. Today, I propose that we renew our commitment to education in an unprecedented way – let’s raise teacher’s salaries by 7.4 percent, tie them to accountability, and move to 27th in the nation.”

So, that first raise was tied to accountability. Based on these results, who would’ve thunk it? I can’t wait to see what kind of results another 7.4 percent across the board will bring us.