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Political Doublespeak

Either Joe Monahan has made a transcription mistake, or this is one of the best examples of political doublespeak to be seen in New Mexico since the John Kerry campaign:

“Madrid said she received complaints about allegedly shady deals in the state Auditor’s Office in the late 1990s, (when indicted Treasurer Robert Vigil was Auditor) and that she referred them to the District Attorney’s Office in Santa Fe, as well as the FBI.

“Questions were not raised in my office with regard to the treasurer,” Madrid said. “There were no complaints made to me about the Treasurer’s Office at all.”

What is someone teaching this stuff in Democratic campaign school? Great strategy… say it happened, and in the next breath deny it happened. The problem is that Patricia Madrid didn’t just receive complaints. She actually received a letter from then Governor Johnson requesting a formal inquiry, and she “passed the buck.”

When the stakes were high and New Mexicans needed a principled Attorney General to step up and prosecute corruption at the highest levels, Patricia Madrid proved she wasn’t up to the task. Now she wants to represents our interests in the Washington. Yeah, that’s a good idea.