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Problems All Around

I’m heading over to the New Mexico Business Weekly Face-Off event this morning, so I’m pushed for time. However, below are some links you should follow. It seems that when it comes to politics, New Mexico is on it’s way to becoming the Land of Disenchantment…

I wonder if the similarities between ABQPAC scandal and the State Auditors’ extortion practices will be brought up at this morning’s forum.

UPDATE: Mayor Chavez was unable to make it to the candidate forum this morning, and had Fred Mondragon attend in his place. ABQPAC scandal similarities to the recent extortion charges did come up (ok, I confess, I submitted the question).

Mr. Mondragon’s response, I’m paraphrasing, was that the ABQPAC scandal was old news, and he didn’t understand why people kept bringing it up. Hmm, maybe because the character of a politician is never old news.

He went on to imply that it was very different than the current situation since people freely gave the money. Okay then, I’m glad we cleared that up.

Mr. Steele was not present, but both City Councilors were. I stick to my analysis of the candidates from the televised debate.