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Quest for Gubernatorial Resolutions

With the 2005 legislative session looming on the horizon, I was sitting here wondering what the Governor had declared as his New Year’s resolutions. Of course, I did what I usually do when I have a burning desire to gain insight and knowledge. I Googled. To my dismay, the results of my query did little to quench my thirst for answers. The closest I came was an Albuquerque Tribune article from last year containing the following:

[Richardson] joked recently that someone suggested a New Year’s resolution for him could be to slow down.

“That’s one resolution I won’t be keeping,” Richardson said.

No, this just didn’t do it for me (don’t imagine it does much for the Greens either). So, I decided to press on with my quest.

I remembered Monahan recently breaking the news about Governor Richardson adding another member to his staff. (Sidenote: real breaking news will occur the day the Governor decides to stop adding to his ever-growing staff). This recollection did get me thinking that Richardson’s crack team of taxpayer paid spin doctors might have posted the resolutions I was seeking somewhere on the New Mexico State website.

Unfortunately, no Gubernatorial New Year’s resolutions were found. However, it was not long before I found myself reading the Governor’s biography which included this statement:

Richardson made good on his campaign promises to improve education, cut taxes, build a high-wage economy, develop a statewide water plan and make New Mexico safer by getting tough on DWI, domestic violence and sex crimes. [Links added]

Wow. Now I understand why I can’t find Governor Richardson’s 2005 resolutions. With this kind of track record on past public promises, it’s no wonder he is keeping them close to the vest.