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RedState Under the Radar

Looks like RedState’s editor and chairman, Erick Erickson, has begun a new column entitled, RedState Under the Radar and yours truly gets an honorable mention. So, I’d like to send a special shout out to District Attorney Kari Brandenburg for her efforts in bringing national attention to this blog.

Thanks to Ms. Brandenburg’s continued commitment to prosecuting U.S. veterans for defending their families, their property and the sovereignty of our nation, while letting chronically corrupt judges go free, I’m enjoying a surge in new readers. I realize, of course, that after Ms. Brandenburg is defeated in the November elections, I may see a decline. After all, not much to write about when the next District Attorney prosecutes the criminals and lets the good guys go free.

Speaking of things to write about, you ought to check out the 100+ comments from the Heartland of America inspired by Ms. Brandenburg’s devotion to making sure that no good deed goes unpunished.