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Regulators to Invest in Our Future

The legislative and executive branches have done everything in their power to bankrupt our state in recent years by “investing in our future.” There was the Rail Runner investment in our future, which has resulted in an increase in gross receipts taxes to support it’s operations – look for more increases to come in the future. Then, there was the Spaceport America investment in our future, which has also resulted in new taxes.

Now, it looks like the regulators are eager to get into the action. The New Mexico Public Regulation Committee (PRC ) would like to invest in our future to expand rooftop solar energy programs, practically ensuring future increases in the cost of energy in New Mexico (subscription):

New Mexico regulators are considering a proposal that would expand rooftop solar energy programs at the state’s largest utility.

The program, under which Public Service Company of New Mexico would pay a premium to buy electricity from rooftop arrays, is part of the state Public Regulation Commission’s efforts to expand production of renewable energy in the state.

The program’s backers say it will create an incentive to expand nonpolluting energy production. By putting the power systems in the middle of the city — “distributed generation” — it will also reduce the need for new transmission lines, backers say.

“We’re investing in the future,” said PRC member Jason Marks.

Oh yeah, nothing like working towards bankrupting us in the present by “investing in the future.” Anytime anyone in New Mexico government says “we’re investing in the future, ” you can bet your bottom dollar that what they’re really saying is “we’re going to be increasing your expenses in the VERY near future.”