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Richardson Gearing up for THE BIG RUN…

And it’s the White House not the Roundhouse.

Howard Feinman’s article, Now Playing: ‘Anybody But Dean, Part 2’, about the struggle for control of the national Democratic Party quickly made the blogosphere rounds here, here and here. Of course, Governor Bill Richardson is at the center of it all, and that makes perfect sense considering the important role the elected Chairman could play in Richardson’s 2008 presidential run.

That’s right; the Governor’s number one focus right now is clearing the way for his 2008 run for President of the United States of America. Now if you doubt it, maybe it’s because you read the following in the Albuquerque Journal (subscription):

When asked about any White House plans, the governor said he’s first focused on the upcoming legislative session and second on his re-election in 2006. He also mentioned the Democratic Governors Association as a priority.

“Now beyond those objectives, we’ll play it by ear,” [Richardson] said. “I’m not ruling anything out. But I’m not focused on it, really.”

Yeah right! Governor Richardson, it’s kind of hard to take you at your word when your own lobbyist has gone ahead and registered:

We’re not talking about some johnny-come-lately lobbyists either. We’re talking about the kind of folks that former Presidents call “my friend.” We’re talking about an “A” player Hispanic fundraiser. We’re talking about lobbyists that could guide the Governor in “gray area” fundraising.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Bill Richardson running for President. I just think he owes it to New Mexicans to be up front about his future aspirations. After all, the first Tuesday in November of 2006 we’ll be voting for a Governor, and if Richardson is going to be spending all of his time running for President of the United States, we should have that information before we go to the polls.