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Richardson Strives to Get Ahead of Trend

A recent Tribune article concluded:

Richardson expressed interest in steroid prevention in December, but Latta said as recently as early April the financial and legal issues were likely too complicated to proceed.

Well, anyone who has followed the Governor’s record knows that he give little weight to financial and legal issues.

Many matters still need to be resolved, Latta said, but the biggest step has now been made – there’s money in the vault.

It would seem the Governor has outgrown his use of lockboxes and moved onto vaults. If this trend continues, he is going to have to be FDIC insured.

“Richardson wanted this move to be made before steroids got chic,” Latta said. “Now it’s finally falling into place.”

Ahh, now we get to the bottomline. It’s all about being a trendsetter instead of a follower. Nothing like spending money and creating policy based on what may become chic… Makes you wonder if Governor Richardson is now getting policy advice from Paris Hilton.