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Richardson’s Answer to Every Problem

During the last legislative session, Governor Bill Richardson vetoed the legislation unanimously supported to protect individual property rights from the growing tide of eminent domain abuse being perpetrated by the government. In fact, he earned the dubious honor of being the first governor in the country to veto such legislation in the wake of the much despised Kelo decision.

So now, Governor Richardson has a VERY BIG campaign problem. You see:

Americans remain strongly committed to protecting private property from the possibility of unjust seizure, according to the results of a nationwide survey released today by the American Farm Bureau Federation during the organization’ s annual convention.

The poll shows, regardless of geographical, partisan and other demographic differences, Americans are unified nearly 2-to-1 against government use of eminent domain to take private property, except in limited circumstances such as when the public at large would clearly benefit from a new road, electric utility or similar project.

Likewise, 83 percent of Americans oppose the use of eminent domain to further private development initiatives.

That’s right, just about everyone – regardless of political affiliation – agrees that government seizure of private property under the banner of eminent domain must be stopped – everyone that is except for Governor Bill Richardson.

I’m thinking this is just the type of “negative bomb” that is going to come back and wreak havoc on the Governor come November, and I’ll bet Richardson’s crack team of out of town, big time consultants are thinking the same thing.

So, what’s the best solution they can come up with? You guessed it! It time for yet another task force. Gotta give the man credit… he is consistent.