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Richardson’s Mixed Messages

Governor Richardson has made a big deal about childhood obesity in the past. He has proposed solutions, that I believe have nothing to do with tackling the problem and are strictly intended to garner more votes. These vetoes taken from today’s Journal (subscription) seem to support the Governor’s lack of concern of our children’s physical fitness:

[Capitan Superintendent C. Larry] Miller said he has no idea why the governor rejected projects that would have meant new athletic equipment, upgrades to the baseball field and the middle school’s science lab.

Vetoed projects included computer purchases for numerous Roswell schools, and equipment for school libraries and a high school wrestling team.

For example, while the governor vetoed $250,000 to upgrade Roswell schools’ athletic complex…

Richardson vetoed $175,000 for improvements at the Capitan High School baseball fields…

But hey, at least he was able to preserve close to half a billion dollars on spaceports and trains.