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Road Crisis

On Monday, I attended a NAIOP luncheon, which featured Transportation Secretary Rhonda Faught and MRCOG Executive Director Lawrence Rael as the speakers. During her speech, Secretary Faught provided a lot of facts and figures, but what struck me most was that she repeatedly referred to the “funding crisis” facing our roadways.

Apparently, we have billions upon billions of dollars in road infrastructure needs that we are not going to have the funding to address in the VERY near future. I find this puzzling considering that Governor Richardson has had billions of “extra” dollars that he has blown through during his tenure. In a couple of year’s time, we are going to feel the full effect of the Governor’s wasteful spending. Of course, by that time Governor Richardson will have conveniently moved onto greener pastures.

One of the most fundamental purpose of government is to provide for the infrastructure needs. The Richardson administration has failed miserably in this regard.