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Second Soros Funded Organization Appears

Two George Soros funded organizations land in New Mexico in the same month. Coincidence? Uh, I don’t think so. Now, before you think I’ve gone all black helicopter on you, let just look at the facts.

We’re a battleground state. We’re a battleground in the Presidential race, and we’re a battleground for at least two Congressional seats and one Senate seat. There is a lot at stake here. And, if you’re a businessman, on either side of the aisle, there is no better state in which to make a political investment. The odds are in your favor. So, I don’t blame George Soros for choosing the Land of Enchantment for his playground.

I just don’t think much of his tactics.

Obama is supposedly the candidate of “change.” Clinton is well a Clinton. The two are quickly becoming caricatures of what most people despise about politics, outright lies and empty promises.

This all reeks of politics as usual. And, George Soros is adding the icing to the cake by launching, albeit through a proxy, an attack ad on a candidate in a fight that hasn’t actually begun. Then to top it all off, the organization to which he has given millions, launches the attack based on the same set of lies and purposeful misrepresentation that the Democratic National Committee has been trying to seed with the American public.

But, hey don’t take my word for it. Watch the latest video to be launched by


Now read the truth from a truly non-partisan source:

The clear implication is that if McCain is elected, we can expect to be battling in Iraq for many decades to come. But the admakers cut off the rest of McCain’s response, which provides some badly needed context:

McCain, town hall meeting, Jan. 3: Maybe a hundred. … We’ve been in Japan for 60 years. We’ve been in South Korea for 50 years or so. That would be fine with me, as long as Americans, as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. It’s fine with me and I hope it would be fine with you if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world.

The DNC ad doesn’t mention that McCain was speaking specifically about a peacetime presence. And the text of the ad paired with images of Iraq under siege leave a clear impression that McCain proposes to allow a century more of war, with U.S. involvement. That’s not what he said, in New Hampshire or in other settings when he’s been asked about it.

Pretty convenient to leave out the context, isn’t it? It’s also pretty sad. If they want to attack Senator McCain, they should do so on the facts. Instead, Soros & Co. show a disturbing commitment to purposely misleading the public.

Which, conveniently brings us full circle back to beginning of this post. I don’t have a problem with George Soros trying to influence the outcome of New Mexico politics – that’s just the way the game is played. I do have a problem with his tactics – lies and distortions.

After my last Soros post, I received a couple of nice notes from New Mexico Independent’s paid contributors. As a result of those communications, I feel I should set the record straight. I don’t judge any of those folks for taking a stipend. I don’t have a problem with the left leaning tendencies of the majority of the contributors. I don’t even have any problem with most of their views, despite the fact that they are contrary to my own. I believe we are all contributing to a discussion.

However, to pretend this site just accidentally in a non-partisan way happened to bring several left-leaning bloggers under one banner is not exactly being truthful. As to those who have commented that I’m listed on the blogroll… Yes, I’ve been aware of that from the get go. I’m also listed on the blogrolls of Democracy for New Mexico and State Senator Dede Feldman’s blog. Are you going to tell me those are also non-partisan sites?

There is nothing wrong with being partisan. A partisan system is what makes our government work. It’s all part of checks and balances. It is the failure to disclose that is the problem here.

Do you think it is just an oversight that’s latest ad is not analyzed on this “independent” site for what it is. Now, in all fairness, after my last Soros post I did receive an offer to submit articles to New Mexico Independent for consideration (as proof that they’re a truly unbiased site).

So, I’ll be happy to submit this one for publication. Please just let me know where to pick up my $1,500 stipend.