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Seems More Than a Little Disingenuous

I keep hearing a Ford ad on the radio being run by a local dealer, which proudly lays claim to the “fact” that Ford didn’t take any government money (i.e. taxpayer money). While it is true that Ford didn’t seek TARP bailout funds, it seems more than a little disingenuous to run ads that claim Ford didn’t take government money:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has processed 80,500 transactions so far, and the early winner of Cash For Clunkers appears to be the Ford Focus. The Detroit News is reporting that the Focus is the number one vehicle purchased under the government program, showing us why Ford’s C-Segment vehicle gained 43.6% in July. Ford also saw an amazing 97% increase in Escape sales in July, a tally that was likely improved with the help of Cash For Clunkers.

Sorry Ford, this doesn’t pass the smell test. Last I checked, the $3 Billion spent on that Cash for Clunkers program does count as government money (from taxpayer pockets). Of course, it’s not the only government money Ford is taking.

Now, I don’t blame Ford for taking this money. If the government is going to be spending like no tomorrow, your foolish if you let your competitors get a competitive advantage. But, please don’t run self-congratulatory ads pretending you’re not taking taxpayer money. It’s kind of insulting.