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Shh, I Think Patricia Madrid is Sleeping

Yesterday the Albuquerque Journal (subscription) had a huge front page article on Governor Richardson’s apparent free rides at the expense of his buddies in the Payday Loan industry. Now, of course, I don’t really care what industry Governor Richardson wants to get into bed with; however, I would prefer him to be straight with me:

The final entry is based only on airline tracking data and matched to the governor’s schedule. Because that itinerary occurred in 2006, the DGA has not yet filed information that would indicate whether it was a donation.

A Richardson spokesman declined to say whether the governor had traveled on Advance America aircraft.

Spokesman Gilbert Gallegos last week said he would not answer specific questions about Richardson’s DGA travel and turned down a Journal request to interview Richardson concerning the matter.

If you can’t admit to your friends, what kind of stand up guy are you? Now, here is where things get really interesting. Attorney General Patricia Madrid has made the Payday Loan industry public enemy number one. Do you think AG Madrid will hold a press conference where she calls Governor Richardson to task?

Nah, me neither.