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So You Think You’re a Moderate?

Ever wonder what someone means when they say they’re a moderate Republican? Well, it looks like the “stimulus package” vote has defined the term moderate for the modern era:

Details are starting to emerge on the blending of House and Senate versions of the stimulus package. Two senior Democratic sources said negotiators had agreed on a top line number of $800 billion, but later one of those sources said the number could be even less. Both would be less than either the Senate’s $838 billion bill or the House’s $819 billion package.

Several sources involved told CNN that the number is lower to satisfy the three moderate Republican senators.

Wow, talk about showing restraint. Senator Specter, Senator Snowe and Senator Collins sure do know how to drive a hard bargain. Good thing they were there to push the envelope and shave 2% or so off of that mammoth spending proposal. Can you imagine the world of hurt future generations of Americans would have been in if they had not fought tooth and nail to keep that spending down in THIS SECOND $800 BILLION ECONOMIC STIMULUS PACKAGE IN LESS THAN SIX MONTHS!

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.