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Stricter Laws Don’t Bother Criminals

By it’s very definition, a criminal is someone who breaks laws. In fact, you’d be safe to say that “lawful” is an antonym of criminal. So, please explain that rationale behind this:

The absence of required background checks for private firearm sales, like those made at gun shows, have helped fuel the steady flow of U.S. firearms to Mexico, where thousands of trafficked weapons are ending up in the hands of violent drug cartels, U.S. government investigators revealed last week.

The news has renewed the call among gun-control advocates and some Democratic lawmakers to tighten the nation’s firearms laws to make it more difficult for criminals to buy and smuggle weapons.

Give me a break. You can’t make it more difficult for criminals to buy guns by passing more stringent firearm laws. They’re criminals. They will break the laws to get access to the guns. Why? Because, that’s what criminals do.

So, if you pass these new more stringent laws, who are you impacting? Oh, that’s easy. You’re making it harder for law abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves and their loved ones against… well, criminals. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.