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Tea Party and Baseball

It was a slice of Americana. My family and I went to catch an Isotopes game last night, but not before taking part in the “parade” down Montgomery:

Several thousand people brandishing signs and carrying tea bags jammed a long Albuquerque boulevard on Wednesday as Americans protesting federal government tax and spending policies conducted “tea parties” across the country.

Demonstrators in northeast Albuquerque lined both sides of Montgomery NE for about six blocks, waving American flags and cheering back at many slow-moving drivers honking their horns in apparent support.

They joined other demonstrators in New Mexico and across the country on a symbolic day — the deadline for Americans to file their income taxes.

Traffic slowed to a crawl and some drivers — clearly fewer than those honking in approval — jeered at the demonstrators. Albuquerque police reported no major disturbances.

“Americans are fed up with their wallets being held hostage by special interest groups and politicians,” said Floyd Smith of Albuquerque, who was among the demonstrators on Montgomery.

I say parade because that’s exactly what it felt like. It’s kind of interesting, but words like demonstrators and protesters bring up images of angry mobs. Yet, what my family experienced on our detour down Montgomery on our way to the baseball game was nothing like that. People of all ages were smiling and waving signs and flags. Cars were honking, passengers were waving and flashing thumbs up in support.

This gives me hope for 2010.