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The Al Sharpton Question

A couple of days ago, I pointed out that one self-proclaimed “independent” blogger is firmly rooted in the camp of Patricia Madrid. Mr. Monahan’s post-debate analysis proves this beyond a reasonable doubt, check it out here:

In a moment that told us more about where this campaign stands than any other, Heather trotted out the race card, saying the controversial Reverend Al Sharpton is coming to ABQ for an event with the black community.

“Sharpton is a racist, anti-Semitic, rabble rouser. So what I want to know is why doesn’t it bother you to stand next to him when he endorses your candidacy for the Congress?” Wilson demanded of Madrid.

Madrid got off a good one liner on that one. “Is this the question that is supposed to kill the campaign?” The audience, mainly Jewish members of Congregation Albert, laughed heartily. And she followed up: “I will stand by any black member of this state…I intend to go to Washington to try and do right by them which is better than you’ve done, Ms. Wilson.”

Now I understand another reason that the Madrid camp did not want to have the debate televised. They were counting on the ability of their spin doctors, like Joe Monahan, to alter what was said and when it was said to put Patricia Madrid in a better light.

Luckily for all, I’ve got the video.

Now, you tell me if you agree with Mr. Monahan’s assessment. You probably noticed right away that the one liner that so impressed Mr. Monahan, “Is this the question that is supposed to kill the campaign?” does not actually occur in this exchange. But hey, Joe’s never let the truth get in his way before. The one liner occured with regard to Patricia Madrid’s past drug use. I guess there are just multiple issues that could kill the campaign, but I digress.

As near as I can tell, Patricia Madrid is lying about her awareness that Al Sharpton is the scheduled keynote speaker, just like she lied about ignoring the letters and news reports pleading for her to investigate the rampant corruption that has plagued our state.

Moreover, in the video exchange above, you will see that it is Patricia Madrid, not Heather Wilson, who attempts to turn this into a race issue. Heather asked, how can you be willing to align yourself with a man who has such a long history of trying to increase racial divide? And Patsy, responds by trying to paint Heather as ignoring the African-American community. Talk about playing a race card.

One final personal note. I’m a Jew born in New York. I attended New York University from 1987 until 1991. I remember very vividly the active role the Rev. Al Sharpton took in trying to cause racial strife during that time, first with Tawana Brawley and then with the Crown Heights Riots. I find it personally offensive that Patricia Madrid should refuse in her answer to reject the Rev. Al Sharpton. Instead, given a one minute rebuttal time, all she can say is “Again, he has not endorsed my candidacy.”