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The Bankrupting of America

You know you have a problem when the folks that print the money are spending so much that they are exceeding their own debt ceiling:

The Senate began a debate Monday over the future of health care in America that’s likely to go on for weeks, but behind the scenes, lawmakers are struggling to resolve an even more explosive issue: how to pay for all their ideas.

Federal budget deficits remain at record highs. The national debt is $12.1 trillion; Congress must vote soon to let it go higher, or else the Treasury won’t be able to issue new debt. President Barack Obama is expected to announce today a plan to send an additional 30,000 to 35,000 American troops to Afghanistan, which will require more spending.

If you think healthcare insurance for all is the most important issue facing this country, think again. This forced insurance boondoggle will result in a deterioration of service options and a bankrupting of America. The only good news is that bankruptcy is a time of re-organization. At least that’s good news if you think the political leadership of our country needs to be re-organized out. And, by re-organized, I mean shown the door.