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The Bill Richardson Loophole

The facts as I understand them…

We’re in a War in Iraq. We have politicians campaigning to become President. The election will take place in 2008. The Democrats are campaigning to pull out of the war. Governor Bill Richardson wants to separate himself from the Democratic pack (subscription):

The New Mexico Democrat said he is the only candidate committed, at least so far, to extricating every soldier from Iraq upon taking office.

Sens. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, as well as former Sen. John Edwards, have either voted for or voiced support for a plan that contains “loopholes” to keep U.S. troops in Iraq “indefinitely,” Richardson argued.

“As president, I’d have the clearest position,” Richardson said during a speech here to the Campaign for America’s Future, a liberal activist group.

“I would withdraw all of our forces without any residual troops by the end of this calendar year,” Richardson said.

The facts continued… If Governor Richardson were to be elected President, he wouldn’t officially take office until January 2009. His campaign promise is withdraw all troops by the end of 2007.

Nice. A campaign promise that can’t be kept, so it can’t be broken. Classic Bill Richardson all the way. Quick, someone nominate this guy for a Nobel Prize.