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The Changing Tide

The Left has historically outperformed the Right in New Mexico when it comes to turning out crowds to rally behind political causes. However, it seems that the continued radical and extreme shift to the left of our federal government is beginning to change that.

Consider the turnouts of Tea Party demonstrations in recent months:

The Albuquerque Tea Party released its unofficial attendance count for the July 4 rally that drew thousands of supporters.

Now, compare that turnout to the pro-public option healthcare rally that occurred this past weekend:

More than 300 people from all over the state attended the rally, which was one of many held across the country on Sunday. The rally was organized by Grassroots4PublicOption, a nonpartisan New Mexico group.

Of course, the recent polling conducted for the Albuquerque Journal provides some insight as to why attendance at the government run healthcare rally was so weak:

While most members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation support a government-run public option for health care coverage, nearly half of the state’s registered voters don’t want one, a Journal Poll found.

Forty-nine percent of the voters surveyed statewide said they opposed a government-run insurance program that would compete with private industry.

Forty-two percent said they favored a government-run program, or public option. Nine percent said it would depend or they didn’t know.

Intensity also was apparent. Respondents who “strongly opposed” a public option outnumbered those who “strongly favored” such a plan by more than 3-to-2.

Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in the state. However, the majority of voters in New Mexico, with the exception of this last presidential election, seem to vote center/center-right. Factor in the growing legions of independent voters, and those in office who blindly rubber stamp the ultra-left agenda will likely find themselves in serious trouble come Election Day.

Despite claims political claims to the contrary, the economic situation for everyday Americans is not improving. In fact, if you really listen to what is being reported, you’ll hear nonsense like

Speaking to reporters, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs pointed out that the most recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that “we continue to see a slowing of the pace of job loss.”

I’ve heard of putting a positive spin on something, but this is ridiculous. The White House actually wants the public to get excited about the fact that things are worsening, albeit at a slower pace. That’s the equivalent of telling a terminal patient to feel good that he doesn’t need a new pair of glasses.

Attempting to spin an economic reality does nothing to increase confidence in government. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect. People listen to our leaders saying things are getting better, yet those same people know that they’re struggling to pay their bills. In New Mexico, you can combine that growing reality with the ongoing corruption scandals, and failing government programs (i.e. education), and we may just be at a point where folks feel enough is enough.