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The Day After Fear Sets In

Running Scared

The primary is over, and the Democrats at the top of the ticket have a BIG PROBLEM, and they know it. On the Republican side, we have in Susana Martinez, a law and order Hispanic Female candidate with strong roots in New Mexico’s second largest city and a clear track record of being able to connect with everyday New Mexicans and win crossover votes.  Her number two is, John Sanchez, a Hispanic independent businessman who also has shown an ability to campaign hard and win.

Compare that to the top of the Democratic Party ticket, which is being led by two past-Chairman of the Democratic Party machine. Two folks that are so tied to the corruption-ridden, budget-busting, sell-it-to-the highest-bidder Richardson Administration that they’re practically family.

Keeping this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that Emperor Bill’s right-hand woman takes to the podium after her primary coronation by the Democratic Party machine and immediately starts hurling stones:

Denish, who has attempted to separate herself from elements of the Richardson administration record, said she was looking forward to a “very spirited contest” with Martinez, but warned supporters that the general election race could get vicious.

“We know what we’re up against,” Denish said at the Doubletree Hotel in Albuquerque. “You’ve been watching it out there, haven’t you? All those Republican attacks against each other, and quite a few against me. And we know this: They’ll get nastier; they’ll get more intense as the days go on because they’ll say and do anything to win.”

“I’ll just put it as simply as I can for you,” Denish said. “Her record doesn’t match her rhetoric.”

Well, see that’s the beauty of actually having to duke it out in a primary battle. Susana Martinez’s rhetoric has been compared to her record, and guess what?  It withstood the test of battery. Unfortunately, the Democrats opted not to test their gubernatorial candidate’s mettle. Instead, they chose to award her an uncontested pass to spend two years using her office to accumulate a campaign treasure, while unemployment skyrocketed, businesses shuttered their doors and pay-to-play scandal rocked nearly every nook and cranny of her Administration.

Dang right, it’s going to be a “very spirited contests.” New Mexicans have finally been awoken to the fact that we’ve allowed anointed officials to destroy our state for too long, and the spirit is moving us to contest that status quo and vote to elect champions of OUR INTERESTS instead of YOUR INTERESTS.