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The Grand Conspiracy

Newsflash: In a surprising turn of events, New Mexico’s leading Democrats conspired to keep a Republican President in power.

The Left Wing of the Blogosphere is abuzz here, here and here with tales of scandal and election manipulation by New Mexico’s “ruling elite.” Apparently, the Democratic control of the New Mexico Governor’s office, the State Legislature, the Courts, the Secretary of State office and the Bernalillo County Clerk’s office were all part of an elaborate ruse to once again enable the Republicans to steal the Presidential election.

Think about it, or better yet, Google: “Bill Richardson” on “Fox News.” You’ll get 27,500 links returned. A coincidence, I don’t think so. Everyone knows that Fox News is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda machine, and Governor Richardson has admitted being on their payroll.

Yes, it is all part of the master plan devised by the man known as The Architect. Are you hesitant to believe? Well take a moment and ponder this. Governor Richardson proved ineffective in swinging the Hispanic vote in his home state, yet he is still being considered as the best hope (free registration required) for uniting Hispanics to ensure a Democratic win in 2008.

If this is not proof of a GOP conspiracy to retain the White House through 2012, I don’t know what is. Help stop the madness, and make sure this is widely distributed to friends and neighbors.