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The Important Work of State Government

Very often the important work performed by state government and its various commissions gets a bad rap. It’s really not right. The different branches of government and the various commissions formed and funded by taxpayers tackle some of the most important issues facing our society.

For example, consider that in these times of economic crisis, with people wondering how they’re going to keep a roof over their families’ heads and food on the table, a brave group has spent time, energy and money (reimbursement for mileage and meeting expenses ???) to solve one of the biggest concerns facing most New Mexicans (subscription):

Well, whoopi ti yi yo — New Mexico finally has a state cowboy song.

Well, almost. It still has to be voted on by the Legislature during its 2009 session.

Called “Under New Mexico Skies,” the song was written and sung by Syd Masters of Edgewood.

The song was chosen by a small group of intrepid members of the New Mexico Music Commission who gathered at the Bataan Memorial Building in Santa Fe Wednesday morning, armed with chocolate and cookies. They listened to recordings from 26 entrants in the contest.

Yeah, thank goodness for state government. It’s good to know that the state legislature will be setting aside time during the 2009 session to deal with this important issue.