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The Much Sought After Billionaire Vote

It’s a pretty rare occasion that I can find anything on SWOP blogger worth linking to, but I have to admit, this SWOP post did give me a chuckle:

That’s where in steps Bill Richardson with a tax increase [to support the Spaceport], not to the billionaires who don’t even live in NM, but to Doña Ana County Residents. They had to flip the bill.

Now let’s visit today’s paper. Front Page news “Governor won’t back rail tax.” This tax would be for the expansion of the RAIL RUNNER which means PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION for NM residents that we so desperately need. I would GLADLY pay that tax.

I ask you Mr. Governor Richardson: Where are your priorities? Are you trying to appeal to the billionaire vote? The republican “no taxes, smaller government” party? Or the NM families that need a public transportation system that will get them to and from their jobs in an affordable way?

Well SWOP, let me assure you that its too late for Governor Richardson to appeal to the “no taxes, smaller government” folks. He blew that when he grew the state budget by nearly $2 billion over the last couple of years. The tone of your post suggests he has done himself any favors with the public transportation enthusiasts. So, I guess the answer to your questions is that Governor Richardson is in fact trying to appeal to the billionaire vote.

Ouch. Good thing he is term limited as Governor, I don’t think there are enough billionaires in New Mexico to help him carry the next election.