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The Railroad to Taxation

The proverbial other shoe is about to drop on the railroad:

The six-member statewide commission sent a letter to the governor this week encouraging establishment of the new transit district, which would let participating counties first elect to be involved, then ask voters to approve up to a 1/2 percent gross-receipts tax to pay for services.

And, “the tax-cutting” Governor has issued a statement supporting it. As the Governor’s universal health care proposal continues to be pushed, New Mexicans would be wise to remember that so far every “big” initiative this Governor has put forth has been followed shortly after with a cry for a need for new taxes. We’re seeing it with railroad. We saw it with Spaceport America, and we’ll see it with the health care proposal.

My biggest fear is that in the very near future, we will see another attempt to raid the permanent fund to pay for all of these unrealistic and poorly planned new entitlement programs.