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The Truth About Presidential Tempers

A lot has been made by the left about Senator John McCain’s passion on the issues. Granted, they usually call it McCain’s temper. Yet, the Clinton Democrats sure don’t seem to take offense when former President Clinton goes ballistic at the very mention of Governor Bill Richardson (subscription):

“Five times to my face (Richardson) said that he would never do that,” a San Francisco Chronicle column had the “red-faced, finger-pointing” former president saying during a private meeting last weekend with superdelegates in California.

The column by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, relying on reports from those in attendance, immediately went national. It raced across political blogs— including at least one in England— the New York Post carried a “Bill Clinton Unleashes Tirade … ” headline on its online version of the story.

Now, here’s the dilemma…

We here in New Mexico have suffered time and time again Governor Bill Richardson saying one thing and doing another. We’ve listened to him as he looked us straight in the eye while running for re-election as Governor and tell us that he was not going to run for President.

We’ve had to endure press conference after press conference where he has claimed to have successfully improved public education. Only to learn that each year’s failure surpasses that of the previous year.

We’ve swallowed the bitter pill of a guy who claims to cut taxes while increasing fees and nearly doubling the size of government. And, increasing those fees on those who can least afford to have them imposed.

Heck, we’ve even had to listen to the Governor state that the super delegate vote should follow popular vote and then turn around and promises his vote to advance his own self interests.


Keeping all of this in mind, it is not that hard to believe former President Bill Clinton’s claim that Governor Bill Richardson looked him straight in the eye and five times told him that he would never endorse Senator Obama. There is only one problem. The man making the claim is President Clinton. A man who has done his fair share of looking us in the eye saying one thing when the truth has been something quite different. A man whose wife also has proven that there is nothing she will not lie about if it will further her own career.

So, at the end of day, it basically boils down to this. The worse that can actually be said about Governor Bill Richardson is that he is a Clinton Democrat.