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There’s a Shocker

If you don’t read Jim Baca’s blog, you should. It is always good for a few raised eyebrows and an occasional hearty laugh. Ok, first the raised eyebrows:

We had a relatively full day of campaigning. Rodger drove me to Santa Fe where I hopped a plane with the Governor to go to Gallup for a get out the vote rally.

I hope that plane Mr. Baca jumped on with the Governor wasn’t a state plane on the taxpayers dime. They wouldn’t do that, right?

And now for the hearty laugh:

If the Republicans are doing any of these kinds of coordinated campaign things around the state I sure have not noticed them.

Um, yeah… although you’ve basically been a career politician Mr. Baca, I guess no one has ever pointed out the obvious to you. Republicans don’t usually invite the Democratic candidates to their “coordinated campaign things around the state,” and vice versa. That’s probably why you “sure have not noticed them.”

Mr. Baca, as a sincere bipartisan gesture, please allow me to apologize for everyone involved in politics on both sides of the aisle. Someone should have explained to you how this all works. In all fairness, they probably just assumed you would have figured it on your own by now.

Anyway, best of luck to you on Election Day.