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THRILLED About Sarah Palin

I can’t tell you how excited I am about Senator McCain choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his Vice-President. In August of last year, I had linked to a post that made a great case for selecting Sarah Palin to run as Vice-President:

However, the very best female candidate we have — and this won’t suprise anyone — is Sarah Heath Palin, the governor of Alaska. With an approval rating in the 90s, she’s the most popular state official in the nation. She’s a mother of four attractive children, a wife who’s a model of commitment to her spouse, and a pillar of honesty in a state with more than its share of political corruption.

She’s extremely knowledgable about several critical issues, including energy, the environment, and education. There’s no doubt she’ll be as passionate about observing the U.S. constitution as she is about following Alaska’s state document. She advocates the form of Christianity that emphasizes doing rather than talking. She’s a lifetime supporter of Second Amendment rights.

As her electability and approval ratings show, she knows how to communicate with voters. She has just enough of a populist streak that she’s not afraid to take on the big corporations (Exxon-Mobil, BP, and Conoco-Phillips) that, in the past, have generally had their way in Alaska.

Later that same week, I was on Eye on New Mexico, and because of the additional research I had done, I brought up what a great V.P. choice Sarah Palin would make. I’ve got video on my TIVO of that episode. Maybe this weekend, I’ll pull it off and post it here.