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Time To Call It A Day

Patricia Madrid’s message, the nationally crafted message, was about change. Many of the people I spoke to on the left confirmed that they weren’t voting for Patricia Madrid, or even against Heather Wilson, but instead, they were voting against one party control of our national government.

Ok, you got the change. Time will tell whether or not it makes a difference. Since the change has been made, will some of you left leaning readers please call Patricia Madrid, John Wertheim and Governor Richardson and tell them to put an end to this ballot counting fiasco and call Heather the winner.

It is embarrassing that we can’t finish counting ballots in a timely fashion. This is simply ridiculous. It’s not like we’re talking about counting a record number of ballots. We couldn’t get it done the last go around on time, and two years later we still have the same problem.

New Mexico is too close to call and will not release presidential election results until later Wednesday because thousands of absentee ballots remain uncounted, according to a spokesman for the secretary of state.

It’s absurd. No, it’s inexecusable.

We’ve got more PhD’s per capita than anywhere else in the nation, and we can’t figure out how to get ballots counted in a timely fashion? Give me a break. Let’s address the obvious. If a ballot is fed into the scanner, and it is not readable because of one mistake, why does the whole ballot have to be rejected and hand counted? Why not, just have the machine indicate which marking(s) are unreadable, so that those can be verified by a bi-partisan verification team and keyed into the machine on the spot?

C’mon folks this isn’t rocket science here. Even if it was rocket science, it’s not like we’re lacking rocket scientists.

Let’s call it a day. It’s time for Patricia Madrid to do the right thing. It’s time for her to call Heather Wilson and say congratulations. She can always take another shot at it in two years.