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Tom Udall Folds Under Union Pressure

Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to live in an America where your right to vote by secret ballot was taken away. It’s hard to imagine, right? It just wouldn’t be America. Yet, that is precisely what Big Labor wants to do – eliminate the secret ballot. And, Congressman Tom Udall is more than eager to do their bidding:

So important is eliminating the secret ballot to Big Labor that a few weeks ago Democrat Senate candidates, Reps. Tom Allen (ME), Tom Udall (NM), and Mark Udall (CO), along with Kay Hagan (NC), Bruce Lunsford (KY), Jeanne Shaheen (NH), and Jeff Merkley (OR) all scurried to Chicago for a meeting when Union bosses beckoned. The three current Congressmen already voted to eliminate the secret ballot and likely, along with the other Democrat candidates in Chicago, pledged to eliminate secret ballot elections in the future as well.

Think about that when you step into the voting booth this fall. If Tom Udall is willing to support the elimination of secret ballot protection for workers, can eliminating the secret ballot voting protection for you and me be far behind?