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Tom Udall for U.S. Senate

I spent this weekend attending my son’s soccer tournament in Bernalillo. We stayed at Tamaya, rather than trekking back and forth from the East Mountains. We rationalized the expense of staying at the resort as our way of reducing our carbon footprint. I even used one of those little electric carts to check out the culturally and ecologically sensitive areas around Twin Warriors.

Now, I hadn’t brought my computer, so I missed the announcement over the weekend that Congressman Tom Udall was getting into the U.S. Senate race (subscription):

U.S. Rep. Tom Udall will seek the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Republican Sen. Pete Domenici in 2008, making him the third of New Mexico’s three U.S. House members to seek the seat.

“He’s definitely running,” Udall’s chief of staff Tom Nagle said Saturday.

However, learning of this news today explains the loud noise I heard coming from the direction of Albuquerque over the weekend. It was obviously the collective groan of Mayor Martin Chavez’s campaign camp. Any chance they had of winning the Democratic nomination of the U.S. Senate seat vanished with Udall’s announcement.

Udall’s announcement is also a clear indication that Governor Richardson is serious about not getting into the Senate race. Udall’s step-daughter, Amanda Cooper, is the deputy campaign manager of Richardson’s presidential campaign.

This also mean that every Congressional seat except for one, Senator Jeff Bingaman’s seat, is up for grabs. Combine that with the fact that every state legislative seat is up re-election, and we’ve got the makings of “all politics, all the time” in 2008.