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Touchy Feely Stuff

Oops, there he goes again:

Then again, a good resumé is not all it takes to win the nomination, and there are some signs that Richardson may not be the perfect candidate. In fact, as we get up from our seats to visit the play-by-play announcer’s booth, Richardson does something I’ve never seen any politician do. There are two women sitting in front of us. They are both young and attractive, probably in their twenties. The governor rotates his large frame sideways and shimmies out of his row. The two women smile up at him. As he passes, Richardson reaches down and places his fingertips on the head of one of the women, tickling her scalp as he opens and closes his hand. Then, as he reaches for the next scalp, his hand suddenly aborts its mission, as if the governor realizes this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Richardson’s touching problem isn’t exactly news. In 2005, his lieutenant governor, Diane Denish, told The Albuquerque Journal that she goes out of her way to avoid sitting or standing next to Richardson because he’s a little too grabby. “He pinches my neck. He touches my hip, my thigh, sort of the side of my leg,” she told the newspaper, which illustrated the story with a photo of Richardson smiling mischievously as his hand reached around toward Denish’s backside while the two sat next to each other at a public event. [Hat tip: Steve Terrell]

Governor Bill Richardson is beginning to seem a little too much like his mentor.